Covid-19 Information

September 2020

We are so pleased to the children back in school – we’ve missed them!

In order to keep everyone safe, we are continually reviewing and updating our risk management plan, precautions and procedures.  As we update, these documents are available below:

Parents’ Guide to Covid-19 Precautions and Procedures

Updates to procedures – 16th September 2020

Is my child well enough to come to school? Flowchart 

Letter from our Headteacher – August 2020


Letters from academic year 2019-2020

Letter to parents from Sir Steve Lancashire – July 2020

Preparing your child for the first day back in school 

Letter regarding information about school opening – 26th June

Letter regarding information about school opening – 8th June

COVID-19 Response to Phased Re-opening   – A Guide for Parents

Update on plan to reopen

Letter from the Executive Team at REAch2 to Parents

Letter from Sir Steve Lancashire – 11th May

Annex to Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy for school closure due to Covid-19 UPDATED June 2020

Learning from home

Home learning update letter

Nursery home learning covering letter

Reception home learning covering letter

Year 1 home learning covering letter

Other online learning

Supporting your child’s learning

Other useful supporting resources

Online Safety

Essential Child Care

Following the statement by the government overnight, we urgently need to clarify which pupils we will need to provide essential child care for over the coming weeks.

Please ensure that you inform us immediately if your job is defined as a ‘critical worker’.  This must be combined with the principle that you are not able to keep your child at home because you are  at work in your critical role and there is  no one else in your family who can safely provide childcare.

Schools have been told to remain open ONLY for those children wrho ABSOLUTELY NEED TO ATTEND.

Parents of children who have an EHCP or who have a named Social Care Worker should contact the school for urgent guidance.

It is only by working together – by staying away wherever possible, can we all do our part in combating this serious illness.

Thank you for your ongoing support with this.



Latest information from REAch2 – a letter from Sir Steve Lancashire, CEO of REAch2


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