Rare bird seen at The Limes!

Yesterday, Mrs. Cracknell arrived at school to see a rare bird sitting on the fence in the car park.  She saw it had a red tail.

It was a Black Redstart!  Male birds hatched last year and female birds look very similar.  Black Redstarts are common in parts of mainland Europe, but very specially protected breeding birds in Britain.  A few have bred in the port area of Lowestoft sporadically.  Three pairs in 1943 were the first breeding record for Suffolk. Numbers breeding have decreased in recent years and they have ‘Red’ status.  There are about 50 pairs that breed each year in the whole of the UK.  This bird is probably using our school as a stop-off on migration or has been wintering here.

Thank you to Barry Woodhouse for supplying his photographs of Black Redstarts for our blog. For more information see BTO Birdfacts and RSPB BirdGuides

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