Applying for a Place at The Limes


We opened the Limes Primary Academy in September 2018 with just a nursery and a reception year group; each year as those children progress through the school, we will add a new year group until we have all primary year groups from reception to year 6.  For the current 2022/23 academic year, in addition to the nursery we have year groups from reception to year 4 only.  In future years we will have:

Academic year 2023/24 – reception to year 5

Academic year 2024/25 – reception to year 6 (all primary year groups)


Admissions into Reception 2022/23

To apply for a reception place starting in September 2022, please visit Suffolk County Council’s coordinated admissions website.


In-Year Admissions 

For admission applications to the current classes (reception to year 4) or to apply for a place in our nursery, please contact the school directly via telephone on 01502 449200, or via email at [email protected].